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Traditional credit scores are based almost entirely on historical financial data. They overlook a key factor of creditworthiness: personal character.

Credit scores can assess borrowers’ ability to repay, but not their willingness to repay – especially following unexpected losses of income or increased expenses.

Because credit scores rely on historical data, many millions of millennials and “thin filers”, are assumed to be high credit risks, and are either charged exorbitant rates or are denied credit altogether.

We can do better. Good people should have access to affordable credit, and lenders should be able to identify good people.

Now they can. Introducing “Worthy Credit”.

Worthy Credit is a dynamic online questionnaire that is designed to predict loan defaults and payment delinquencies, above and beyond traditional models.

It uses patent pending technology and cutting-edge psychometrics to provide a new type of credit score that is based on a key set of personal attitudes and traits, related specifically to the “psychology of debt”.

Administered to either new applicants or existing borrowers,
Worthy Credit acts as an added layer of analytics that can help lenders:

✔ Approve more loan applications and credit increases
✔ Reduce loan defaults and payment delinquencies
✔ Proactively service current accounts
✔ Provide improved credit profiles for P2P lenders


Fast & Easy

  • 3-5 min
  • Automatically scored
  • Immediately reported
  • Email notifications & API integrations

Fair & Appropriate

  • No adverse impact or predictive bias
  • Positive applicant feedback
  • Everyone is 100% scorable
  • Domain specific questions


  • Stable scores over time
  • Faking prevention and detection
  • Non-reliant upon on 3rd party data
  • Encrypted data


  • Predictive of loan performance
  • Augments traditional credit scores
  • Outperforms the Big Five model
  • Culturally adaptable


  • Customizable questions
  • Professional translations
  • Branding
  • Professional services